You don't have to go to extreme makeover or spend thousands of dollars on liposuction to get a new look for yourself. You only need to get the image consultant service.

NYC image counselor are personal stylists, personal shopper, color consultants who have become whole. You can say that Image Consultants is a one-stop shop for all your makeup needs. Image Consultants specialize in visual appearance, verbal and non-verbal communication. They work with you to give you confidence and credibility.

Look at the clothes you currently have in your closet, estimate the amount that you rarely or never wear, and then consider how much money you have lost. After consultation, this will not happen again.

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Individual color consultation takes about 2 hours. For this reason, you will receive personalized swatches to take home, as well as various color notes and comprehensive strategies to help you be more creative in coordinating the clothes in your closet.

When you consult with consultant, you will find which color is best for you and how to wear the colors that you already have, but you still cannot justify removing the product. This session will also discuss your makeup. The makeup will be updated to reflect your new color and recommendations for the right hair color for you.

During a style consultation, your image consultant checks your body shape and determines what suits you and what you should avoid. This will teach you how to apply your new knowledge so that you can become your personal stylist.