A gas turbine engine is a type of internal combustion engine that incorporates a gas turbine as part of its core. A gas turbine consists of an axial compressor, a combustor, and a turbine connected to the shaft that is driven by the crankshaft.

A gas turbine engine is a type of engine that uses the heat of combustion of gas to turn a shaft, which in turn powers a propeller or other type of rotational device. In its most basic form, a gas turbine engine consists of a compressor, combustion chamber, turbine section and exhaust system.

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Gas turbine engines are one of the most efficient and powerful forms of engine available. They use a gas to power the engine instead of a solid fuel like gasoline. This makes them extremely efficient and able to produce a lot of power. In order to understand how gas turbine engines work, it is helpful to first understand how a regular engine works.

A regular engine works by using combustion to create energy. This energy is then used to turn the propeller or the fan that moves air around the engine. A gas turbine engine works in a very similar way, but the main difference is that it uses a gas as the source of energy. The gas is heated up until it turns into steam. This steam is then used to turn the blades on the fan or the propeller.