The challenge with this configuration is that for tankless hot water installations, running water must be displayed on the burner. The circulation pump doesn't draw enough water to ensure the burners are activated. There are some companies like stuartplumbing that provide the best water heater services in Surrey.

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Therefore, it is necessary to make another solution with a difficult configuration, namely a water heater without a tank and a circulation pump. 


Designing a water heating system that includes a tankless boiler system and circulation pump requires some thought and thought. This text describes how to design a difficult tankless installation, what to get, how to handle the installation, the heating installation itself, and what to expect from a replacement hot water cooler.

Design a fruitless installation

When designing a tankless boiler system, you want to consider the following: water hardness, gas flow, exhaust and ventilation, sewer systems, and thus an impressive circulation pump.

Water hardness

Hard water will destroy a hot water cooler without a tank. Calcium build-up impairs heater efficiency and can ultimately prevent water from moving. Testing the water before adding it to the heater is essential, and you want water that is as low as 50 ppm. 

Gas flow

An instantaneous water heater requires a lot of gas during operation. If the radiator cannot accept the required gas flow, the onboard computer will produce an error and therefore the heater will not function properly.

The manufacturer states that you only need a 3/4 "gas line for the coolant. Some manufacturers offer to just check that you have sufficient pressure from the gas meter and provide the gas meter is greater than the gas service.