As the name suggests, a pool enclosure refers to the structures surrounding a pool either in a public area or in a private residence. 

A pool enclosure is more than just a fence or barricade. They completely cover the pool area and often have covered roofs and sides. You can also buy the best swimming pool cover through various online sources.

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The pool enclosure basically looks like a transparent atrium that allows light into the area while keeping dirt, rain, and intruders out.

The pool enclosure usually contains large glass or polycarbonate side panels. These panels are often held together by wooden or metal beams. The metal used is usually a high-quality aluminum alloy, a tough material that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Pool enclosures are used to protect the privacy of the pool area and to ensure that the pool meets all the necessary safety requirements. 

Pool covers are also useful in maintaining the integrity and quality of your pool area. Apart from safety and maintenance measures, pool enclosures are also useful for cold weather properties.

Types of pool enclosures for swimming pools

Flat Enclosure – an inexpensive option that is located by the pool and looks like an improved pool cover. 

Flat enclosures are affordable, but look great and add aesthetic, protective, and safety value to your pool. A flat enclosure must be retracted when you want to swim.

Low-profile Enclosure- An enclosure that is raised slightly and has a rounded top. You can leave the enclosure in place while swimming, and most are high enough to allow you to stand in the pool without touching the top.