Solar light makes you benefit from green and free energy. Thanks to the photovoltaic cells it contains, solar energy is transformed into electrical energy. For this purpose, the light accumulates energy in its mini-batteries during the day. At sunset, it is converted into light. For economic or ecological purposes, do you want to take advantage of this green energy? We have selected the best models of solar lights for you.

Why invest in a solar light?

Solar lights are known to be economical and environmentally friendly. So, if you want to buy solar lights for your home or office, then you can check out reviews of best solar lights by consumer reports. Concretely, what are the real advantages of this type of lighting?

Ease of installation

The type of installation is different from one model to another (floor light, spotlight, bollard, wall light). The common point of all solar lights is that they do not need an electrical connection. On the other hand, think of installing them in a place where the sun is optimal.

A secure system

No electrical connection is required for the solar lights. Thus, you rule out all the risks of electrocution. Children can play and run freely in the garden. This system is also advantageous for households that have pets.

A free source of energy

Solar energy is free and infinitely renewable. Thus, by replacing some of your lighting with solar lights, you reduce your electricity bill.

An ecological solution

This energy is called “clean” because its production does not generate CO2. Thus, it has no environmental impact.

Functional lighting

Contrary to popular belief, photovoltaic cells always accumulate energy, even when the level of sunlight is low. In the latter case, the light always lights up at night, only the intensity of the lighting changes. It varies according to the strength of the sun's rays.

Resistant lighting

First, solar lights are intended for outdoor use. Thus, manufacturers use the most innovative technologies to present waterproof and weatherproof products. They need very little maintenance.

Efficient lighting

Some poor-quality models damage the reputation of solar lights, in terms of reliability and power. However, by opting for quality products, you will benefit from lighting that is as practical as it is durable.