Choosing a creative agency is an important decision for most companies. Many companies screw up this very important decision. 

A percentage of businesses rely on luck or word of mouth, which may (or may not) lead to lost money, unnecessary stress, and brand confusion. If you are looking for professionals for your website maintenance then you can sign up here.

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Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction when choosing a creative agency to carry out your project and to make sure you don't miss any important questions.

Questions to ask yourself first:

"Do I really need an agency?"

– What's your chronology?

– What is your purpose?

List research institutes, usually based on recommendations from partners. Do some preliminary research online, Questions to ask during an agency interview

– What was your last job?

– Follow the latest trends and developments in design?

– What are the main strengths of the creative team?

– Who are the agency's main clients? – Familiarize yourself with your portfolio before entering the meeting

– Contact customers – do you have valuable long-term customers?

– Field of experience (market). Don't dump an agent who has little or no knowledge of your market. Sometimes it's better to take a fresh look at the industry.

– Appreciation. Did you give them a gift? If so, how long has it been? Innovation, How innovative is your work? References and recommendations, Personalized creative designs – are their projects unique or do they generally feel the same?